Linda spent a week at my house helping me organize 17 years of clutter. Working together, we decided what to keep, what to donate, what to recycle and what to throw out. I now know not only what I have, but where it is when I need it. My house looks great and I have so much more time. I will also save money as we found things I otherwise would have gone out to buy. Linda is a miracle worker!
– Jennifer J.

As co-executors of our friend’s estate, Linda and I had the job of emptying out a 2,000 square foot house following the death of a dear friend who saved everything. Linda made this daunting task easy by breaking it up into pieces and taking one step at a time. Linda has a great sense of priority and knows when to ask for help, such as moving heavy objects. We got the job done in a short time as minimal cost. Linda is a pleasure to work with, even when dealing with a difficult situation.
– Rita M.

Linda was the driver in our family when we first moved our dad out of the big house, where he raised our family of eight, to a five room condo. Since dad could only take a fraction of the things in the house, Linda helped decide what he really needed, and what to do with the remainder (sell, donate or trash). Twenty years later we moved our dad from the condo to a single room in a nursing home. Once again, Linda was the major force in dealing with the distribution of his possessions. Linda is the most organized person I know. She makes tough decisions, is empathetic, a hard worker and gets the job done. I highly recommend her as a senior move specialist.
– Gary J.

I live in a small house with my husband, four young children, a dog and more possessions than I care to admit. My laundry room was so cluttered I could not even get to my washer and dryer to use them. Linda came in and helped me decide what to keep, what to donate and how to organize the room to make it functional. She enabled me to find the out of season clothes when I needed them. I tend to want to keep things forever – just in case – but Linda convinced me this was not practical and I felt like a huge load was lifted from me once this job was completed.
– Mary M.